AIDC Technologies Association of India supports the 7th edition of India Waresho
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  • 2. AIDC SURVEY 2016-17
    AIDC Technologies Association of India has started running Survey on all AIDC Pl
    Read More23-Jun-2017
  • 3. Avery Dennison AIDC SUMMIT 2017
    The Avery Dennison AIDC SUMMIT 2017 has been decided to be in The Lalit Gol
    Read More23-Jun-2017
Welcome to The AIDC Technologies Association of India.

AIDC Technologies Association of India extends its reach and provides regular opportunities for Manufacturers, VARS, Systems Integrators, Consultants, and Software Developers to grow their business through sales leads, education, visibility, training, networking, negotiated discounts and exclusive advertising opportunities.

Membership of the AIDC Technologies Association of India enables your company to increase its visibility within the Automatic Identification, RFID and enterprise mobile computing markets, as well as affording you the opportunity to affect the strategic direction of the industry.

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